Tuesday, December 02, 2008

yumminess while learning

As you might recall, I am the mother of a Less-Than-Thrilled Reader (formerly known as The Reluctant Reader, Micaela...) It's like a roller coaster, once she's done, she says "Oh that wasn't so bad..." but getting her on is the hard part....

So what's a Mom to do? Well, sometimes, I trick her. Oh yes, I do. But in a good way...
Today, I tricked her with Kitchen Science. I had her read me the recipe aloud and measure out the ingredients. She was enjoying so much, she didn't even notice that (gasp), she was READING.

And look what we created:

I will refer to this as My New Favorite Bread. Technically it's called Decadent Sweet Milk Bread, and oh man, is it good. Makes me wanna invite people over for tea and share....It's such a light, fluffy but somehow substantial bread. It makes me wish I had several bread machines so I could make more all at once...This bread will be the one I make when I need sandwich bread. It's a slice of yummy, for sure.


Berry Patch said...

Definitely yummy sounding! I love sneaking in reading & school like that. Then when the kiddos realize it, they discover it's really not THAT bad. ;-)

Anonymous said...

wow that is pretty bread

max said...

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