Sunday, January 11, 2009

"24" is back.....

less than 3 hours until the "24" season starts.
Sure they had that prequel back in November.....
but Jack is really back tonight.

I like watching "24". Greg and I watched several seasons in the span of a few short months. I am not going to like actually having to wait a week until my next "24" show comes up....thank goodness for my DVR....

Saw this on and it made me laugh:

1. Jack makes carrying a purse masculine.
2. He gets perfect cell phone reception, regardless of his location.
3. He's tough enough to withstand torture, but isn't ashamed to cry.
4. He gave Cheng the silent treatment for 2 years.
5. Jack can fly a plane and a helicopter.
6. Jack doesn't care what other people think of him.
7. Jack Bauer is always right.
8. He got Erin Driscoll to listen to him eventually.
9. He pulled the trigger on Chase. Talk about dedication to his work.
10. Despite suffering from Heroin withdrawl, he was able to break Ramon Salazaar out of prison.
11. He broke Ramon out of prison in less than an hour. It took Michael Scofield a whole season to break out of Fox River.
12. Hacksaw.
13. He doesn't always listen to orders, because he knows he's right.
14. Jack hurt that annoying scumbag Joe Prado.
15. He killed the whole Drazen gang by himself.
16. He figured out to look up presumed dead people in order to find Saunders.
17. He can hold his breath forever.
18. His magic hoodie is very impressive.
19. Straight men have crushes on him.
20. He can kill people without using his hands or legs.
21. He asked for forgiveness before killing Chapelle.
22. He's "died" twice and yet seems to be in great health.
23. He trusted George to take the plane down.
24. Despite saving millions of people over and over again, has never asked for a thank you!
#2 makes me laugh because there's this spot on Route 7 where even Jack Bauer's call would get dropped, I just know it! I will probably be watching it alone tonight since my husband's days and nights are eaten up with work stuff. I"ll be glad when January is over.
ETA: If you missed "24", you can watch it on Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free.
It was a good show, not a GREAT show like Season 1....I was more than a little dismayed to see Jeanene Garofalo on the show....she annoys me. Having her on the show is like playing a games of "which one of these things doesn't belong".....I will swear off of "24" if they make him a liberal, I will....Jack is supposed to be hard, crusty and a little scary. I like him that's why I watch. He's like a mild Mitch Rapp....if you've read Vince Flynn, you'll know who Mitch Rapp is. 'Nuff Said.

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Christy said...

So I just recently started watching 24. It's on here late on Sunday nights (try 1 or 2 AM) I was up and it was on...and so the addiction began and now I'm thinking I need to go and do some rearranging of my Netflix and get the previous seasons so I can watch from the beginning! I think the new season starts next week here!