Monday, January 05, 2009

Adam has a groove, too.....

Adam was feeling a little left out that I featured his sister on the blog and not him.
So for the sake of equal time and fairness, I present "Adam has a groove, too..."

Adam is all about Homeschool, After School, Summer Study - Time4Learning - Home
Time 4 learning is a GREAT tool in our Homeschool. For Adam, it's chock-full of math. I swear he'd be happy just cranking out math 24-7. Math AND Science.... His mind is sooooooo different than mine. And I like that!

You can see him at the screen that allows him to choose what he wants to work on. I ask that the kids do at least two lessons: one I choose, and one that they can choose for themselves. Today, we agreed that it would be FRACTIONS. One of the challenges in our Homeschool is finding lessons that are appropriate for each of their learning styles and interests. This site has LOTS to offer in terms of Homeschool Curriculum. I mean, just LOOK at the next screen..and that's only a small glimpse of the Math.

For a kid like Adam, who is above his grade level in three categories, it's nice to be able to jump from subject to subject and access materials that appeal to his and his abilities. I like the flexibility of being able to shift into 3rd Grade Math or 4th grade Language Arts. To get an idea of just how much they offer, check out their planning worksheet in the Getting Started section.

Today it was fractions.....Tomorrow, who knows? All I know is that I am glad that my kids are excited about learning and I am thankful for tools that make this possible.


Kristiem10 said...

That looks neat. I am going to check it out for Drew to use as a supplement to his regular schooling.

NoahandMaddysMom said...

My Noah is alot liek Adam..all about Math (he is not a huge fan of science yet, but I suspect that will change). Our school uses COmpass learnign which is alot like Time 4 Learning. When Noah found out he could access it at school he went WILD...over the break he completed all the math assignments for the entire year on Compass. I didn't realize it until his teacher told me Monday afternoon. So she is setting up "Challenge" assignments for him in Compass. I am going to go and check out Time4Learning so he can use it at home. He just can't get enough of math. Have you used any Singapore Math in your hoemschooling? Many of my homeschooling friends use it and I am planning on checking it our for Summer Enrichmnet--I try to keep his mind active all summer so it is not such an uphill battle to get him back in an academic routine one school resumes.

April said...

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