Monday, January 05, 2009

Back in the groove

I'll be honest and confess here: I did try to school during the Christmas Break. I did, but it was an Epic Fail. I did nothing specatular. We did spend some time reading but no structured schooling. It was just too much. Plus I was lazy.....we needed the break though.
We returned to our routine this morning. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. The most shocking part was this:
Micaela ASKED to do her ClickN Read Phonics ® .
SHE ASKED of her own free will.
That's a big deal because Micaela will try and wiggle out of reading like me wiggling out of doing the sock basket....She is not as fluent as she should be and I did worry about how much ground she would lose taking this Christmas Break. But she jumped right in. And she was laughing and enjoying her lesson. So much so, that she asked to do an extra lesson....
You might think, "Oh that Suzanne, she's silly...." But I kid you not. It's all ClickN Read Phonics ®. The company arranged those games so cleverly that the fun diguises the learning. It's so much fun that Adam, my stellar reader, wound up in tears because he doesn't have Click and Read on his computer. Mainly because he's an awesome reader.....but he stares longingly over his sister's shoulder while she's learning...
I am really glad that we invested in ClickN Read Phonics ® and that's just what I consider it: an investment. And it works.

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