Monday, January 26, 2009

a bargain day!

Ran all sorts of errands.
Went to Pump It Up of Leesburg to determine when Open Bounce is. (I am using it as the PRIZE for the next Reading Race...)
Even went by the Salvation Army thrift stores (which hardly ever has anything for me...)
But today, we struck GOLD: Check it out!!

10 BRAND NEW VHS tapes (at $0.50 each...) okay, the Pokemon one is not education but 8 of them are National Geographic. Even the one about the Old Guard and ANC....that one is worth the total!

I'll be the first to admit that I did NOT "NEED" this bowl...but it's beautiful and it's perfect for Fall. And it was $0.50. Originally $2.00, but all knick-knacks were $1.00 and all glass was half-off. So for $0.50, I bought's HUGE. It looks small in the photo but I can lay a gallon of milk sideways in this bowl!

And then...I was blessed by another Homeschooler Family. My friend Angela GAVE these to me!! (I am going to find some way to bless her in return.....just you wait, Angela!!) I was considering using this for the kids and wanted to glance through the manuals and she had them!! She saved me money and time. Plus I think my kids want to live at her house now...(she has 5 adorable boys and a trampoline. Adam would've moved in today but he hurt his knee and wanted to cry at home....He's fine now, but that boy can milk an injury!)

So we are starting FIAR next week. I want to finish up what we've started this week..I think combining Chinese New Year with all of the other stuff might overwhelm the kids (and me!) To learn more about FIAR, go here: Welcome To Five In A Row

Now, I must go finish dinner and get gussied up for my LCHE meeting with the Ladies. I had every intention of bringing cookies but I spent so long yapping at Angela, no baking for me!!


Catherine said...

Our Salvation Army has half price on clothing, shoes and books on Wednesdays. That's when I usually visit it. You really did hit the jackpot with that glass leaf. For some reason, all of our glassware is pricey. Can do better at the Christmas Tree Shop or Marshalls on sale than at the SA here.

Berry Patch said...

What at exciting day! I love bargins - any & all. That glass dish looks really neat! And kudos on the FIR resources!!! ;-) Not to overwhelm you or anything, but if you haven't heard of this before, you REALLY need to go check it out now that you are going to use FIR...


PS: If that link doesn't work, Google 'Homeschool Share' & check out their FIR Resources.

Christy said...

Oh FIAR...I've been so drawn to this curriculum and am 99% sure this is what we'll be doing next year! No matter what we've used and really liked, I can not shake FIAR, so I think it's GOD nudging me! LOL