Monday, January 12, 2009

gearing up

{photo "borrowed" from one of the FDC's members Facebook pages}

MDW is gearing up. ( learn more here Military District of Washington - HomePage)
All of the particpants in the Inaugural are revving up for the Big Day.
My husband, along with countless others, has had numerous long, long, long days.

But still, it's cool. There are members of my husband's Unit who have been in 3, 4, 5 even 6 Inaugural Parades. Each one special, I'm sure....
also check these out:
(you get to see my husband. He's got the round top hat on, he marches, as you're looking, on the left side of the screen. Unfortunately for me, I don't get to see enough of him marching.....but you can see the cool interview with his SGM....)
Inauguration prep with the Old Guard (a 60-second glimpse into FDC)
For those of you who read here, there is so much we can teach about the Inauguration.
Here are a couple of neat resources:
The History of Inauguration

(specific to Barack Obama)

(more general purpose coloring page, shows BOTH parties)

Tech Savvy Mama has some good stuff on her blog...


Christy said...

Thanks for the links. I've been debating on keeping Jacob up or not to watch the inaguration, since it's going to be I think 8 or 9 pm before it all starts here, but not sure exactly what time it will truly begin here. He watched President Bush's last one and I can remember the tears streaming down my face as my sweet boy stood saluting him as any good little Army child would do! :) I will say it'll be hard to encourage him to do that this time, although I am praying for our soon to be new President.

Christy said...

Oh forgot too, years ago when we were stationed at Ft. Belvoir Chad was with the MDW Engineers, so everytime I see anything with "MDW" I automatically think of our old unit.

We were there when our daughter was alive fighting cancer and was treated at Walter Reed and Children's National.