Monday, January 19, 2009

ha ha!

saw this in a news story today about THE INAUGURAL and I thought, "So true..."

To the headache of shepherding as many as 2 million people to and from Barack Obama’s inauguration as president Tuesday, add this complication:

It’s expected to snow in Washington, a city notorious for its inability to handle even a flurry.

That is the understatement of the YEAR!

I have LOTS to say about the Inaugural, but I will write it all down later...when I can't sleep and I have watched all the chick movies.....

What are your thoughts on the Inauguration? I know that some of our readers, many of them, don't think the way I do politically and I respect that. If you care to share your opinion, please let it in a comment. But I have to warn you, if you're hateful or use an abundance of profanity, I will NOT post it. Be friendly and respectful. If you cannot play nice, go comment elsewhere.


Catherine said...

Mixed feelings. It's wonderful that there is so much optimism during this tough economic time. I just hope that this new administration can deliver on the hopes that it has created. We have a rough time ahead and crashing hopes will not help.

Given that so many who are coming to DC are doing so because they so very much want to be there, and that this is a record crowd, I can see why the new administration is doing its best to accomodate them. This is going to be an inaugural of enormous proportions with many, many folks there who do not usually go to these events. That they go with such challenging weather conditions, few accommodations left in DC, is an amazing thing. They really want this. I hope this is not their first Obama disappointment. We can use an optimistic spirit this year.

Christy said...

Well I think you know where I stand on this. I think it's absolutely disgusting the amount of money that has been spent. I don't like him, don't like him, don't trust him (or his wife).

I am doing my best to pray for him though and will do my best to respect his position as President.

Oh and I'm totally giggling my butt off at snow in DC! I remember when we lived there and there was literally a dusting, the whole CITY shut down! Chad, Jordyn, and I drove to the Mall and had a completely lovely time walking around without ANY crowds whats so ever! It was fabulous!! Best time to be in DC!

paige said...

i personally cant believe ALL the money that is being spent, when we have all been told by the president elect that "we will all need to give up a little "something" in the economy crisis". how much will all these festivities cost towards our deficit.? i think the future new president, would have made a huge impression if they took the stand of cutting half of these festivities. there is so much emphasis put on the "first black president" retoric that no one, including him is doing the right thing. its blatantly rubbing our faces in all the money being spent. i personally would have had alot of respect for him, if he would have scaled back this gala stuff. i guess its more important to spend tons of money because you are the "first"! a fraction of that money could have helped thousands of people without work ,to eat for a month.

rennratt said...

I am not a fan of either party, and tend to feel that the celebrations tend to be overrated.

As a result, I will be watching movies or Tivo'd shows instead. Pretty much like any other night.

Linda said...

People are placing a lot of faith in this man...and he's not GOD.

If he was such into CHANGE, as his lifemotto seems to be, then why didn't he start with BEFORE the inauguration? How about this: "Let's cut the pomp and circumstance and spending on this shindig. Yes, let's have the inauguration like we are supposed to. But hey, ONE dress for Michelle...she can wear that to the one or two balls we will attend...if we MUST attend more, she'll wear the same darned dress. And let's not go all haywire about me...I'm just a man who is going to try to do his best. Don't pin your hopes on me for changing the world. I can't make millions of jobs appear, even though I promised it...." and so on and so forth. yeah, I dream big.

As a military wife, my first concern is what's going to happen to the military in general - Democratic presidents are good at giving raises, but also good at drawing down forces. With the constant clamor about there being more military bands than foreign area officers, one can only imagine where the band field might be led.

Meh...I'm sick to my stomach at how people are acting. Yeah, it's history making. Good. But I hope he can live up to the hype. He's just another politician making promises.

the other lion said...

The event, except for security, is all paid for by individual donors. Not that I don't agree that the events in any given year are a little overboard ... I just wanted to clear that up. Myself, I cared about seeing the actual service, not the rest of it. I've never watched the other stuff.

People are placing a lot on his shoulders, and some are taking it too far. I've heard numerous liberal media outlets and Obama himself try to warn people that he can't wave a magic wand and fix anything overnight. Just like we shouldn't blame Bush for the economy worsening, we shouldn't assume that just because we have a new president -- one I voted for-- that the economy will automatically reverse itself under his leadership.

SB said...

Other Lion.....

taxpayers foot the bill for security and the actual swearing-in ceremony, private fundraising pays for most of the activities including the dozen or so "officially sanctioned" inaugural balls.

Specifically, these balls are funded by donations and ball ticket sales.

As taxpayers, this might sound better than expected but before we turn a blind-eye... it is important to note that taxpayers will still pay for security to screen all party-goers at any of the balls the newly sworn President chooses to attend and the cost will be staggering.

Although many people assume the inauguration is paid for with tax money, in fact the entire event is funded by donors.

In 2005, President George W. Bush's inauguration cost $40 million and 2009's inauguration of President Obama will cost about $150 million. The entire list of donors is available:
By entire event do you also include the 40,000 -security force? How much does the government take on? Every cent cannot be covered by donors.