Thursday, January 29, 2009

FUN educational games!!

It's that time of year where homeschooling families start thinking about "testing".....and if their kiddos have gaps. It is something that I think about because I don't teach everything at home that the kids might encounter in a public school classroom. But our approach is different. We're not doing "public school at home", we're doing what they need.

Since this is my first year home schooling both of them, I will be tackling testing, too. It certainly does focus my attention on what they SHOULD be learning. We're not just wasting time here....

One of the things that so cool about homeschooling: it's the FUN FACTOR. Learning should be fun. I don't know about your kids, but my kids are digital. They love to be online. They love games. So it's very cool that there are Educational Games through My kids LOVE this program!

(If you me whispering to him, "you'd better sing it, or we'll start over..." it's because Little Mr. Type A here made me film him 7 times before he felt good with the results...)

Now back to my point....(I do have one, ya know!!)

  • Educational Games appeal to my kids.
  • Educational Games help them learn.
  • Educational games can help me fill in the "gaps".
  • Educational games don't feel all education-ey (and yep, that's a word!!)

Adam is very picky which games get his seal of approval. He LOVES and as his mom,, I approve, too. As a homeschooler, it's a GREAT TOOL.

For more information on the Time4Learning homeschool online learning system:
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Read the curriculum reviews of Time4Learning by parents.
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Summary: is fun for kids, inexpensive and simple to use. See for yourself.
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jugglingpaynes said...

Sounds interesting. I wonder if I could get the younger two off of Spore long enough to try it out. :o)

Thanks for your comment! I've decided my oldest has rubber joints. It's the only way I can explain the pose she can get into!

Peace and Laughter!

Linda said...

Hannah's using a fun program (free thru school right now) called Ticket To Read ( They have to read passages then answer questions based on what they've read. It helps to increase reading ability (there is a goal of WPM for reading) and comprehension. They earn "tickets" for what they read, and the questions they answer. Then they can "buy" stuff for their "room" online. It's good incentive.