Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday...oh it's so Monday

I was NOT thrilled waking up this morning.
Mostly because I barely slept last night.
There's no rest when you have to "sleep" sitting up because of the stuff rolling down your throat.
Not a single commercially available OTC cold medicine is making a dent in the cold.
But I will live....(I keep chanting that to myself...)

But it's Monday. Jonathan was happy to get up this morning, because he KNEW that school started back today. He lovingly told me yesterday, "I only have to put up with you for one more day, Mom..." Hmmm, for once we were thinking the same thing. Just kidding (mostly). Jonathan did not really enjoy his Christmas Break. I mean, who would? Greg was sick for half of it. His routine that he loves so much was broken. Jonathan is not a fan of holidays, in general.

So it's Monday and we're back on track.


Berry Patch said...

I think many a parent (homeschooling & non) breathed a sigh of relief this morning. ;-) Although, school has yet to start here. Maybe tomorrow. LOL

Tammy said...

Try elderberry to speed your return to good health (Google it-it's an antiviral as well as super high in antioxidants). Best frugal buy is an elderberry syrup at Wegman's in Dulles ($5.99) in the pancake syrup section. One spoonful 3x a day (or put it in lemonade, it's delicious and lemon is good for your throat). Hope you feel better!