Friday, January 23, 2009

my beautiful girl

I was playing with my new lens.
The sun was going down,
it was what we call "The Golden Hour", when the light is softest.
Not too bright, not quite dark.
So I convinced my favorite Super Model to be still for just a few minutes.

I don't know about you guys, but do you ever look at your children with new wonder?
As if to say, "I've been here every day of your on Earth did you grow this quickly?"

That's how I felt looking at her through my camera today.
My beautiful girl.
Who still loves to hug me.
Who will still (occasionally) allow me to help pick out her outfits.
Who I still call Miss Poopers (which is what I called her as a tiny baby.....)

It's good to have a daughter.
(and that new lens.....? TOTALLY ROCKS.......I am taking it into DC tomorrow for a self-made Photo Safari of Chinatown!! Woooo Hoooo!)


Christy said...

Yes I am constantly looking at my kids and wondering how they've grown from the babies I brought home full of wonder, love, and excitement into these bundles of unending energizer bunnies who I just love and adore so much.

I'm so unworthy to even have them. It makes me wonder what Jordyn would look like at almost 11 yrs old too, from that sweet little 2 yr old face I have stuck in my mind forever.

Holly's Mom said...

I so totally get this!

Linda said...

that is a beautiful picture of Micaela. Seriously...with her hair flowing (I'm glad she's growing it out and dealing with the sensory issues). I'm hoping to get a lens like that soon....

Berry Patch said...

I completely agree with your sentiment. I love the photo of your daughter. She's adorable!

FXSmom said...

She is getting so big!! And looking more and more like you every day :)