Wednesday, January 07, 2009

oh my gosh

I am so so terribly out of shape.
Unless we can count round AS a shape.
Like a bazillion other Amercians, I made a promise to myself to be healthier in the New Year.

I am doing the fat Flush plan (slightly modified).
I was on Day 3 of Deox and I sabotaged my efforts with a bowl of Emotion, also known as chocolate ice cream.
So today found me back on the horse. Won't be deterred. It's MY HEALTH we're talking about. I am not aiming to upstage the current SuperModel. I just wanna live for as long as I can.....
So I did a workout this morning and my kids were STUNNED.
They just stood there staring at me, like I was a circus animal or something.....
It would have been funny if I wasn't gasping.
Exercising with asthma is not fun at all. I have not learned how to breathe while working out.
How can a person forget to breathe....?
Wanna know what workout I was doing?
The biggest loser. The workout The warm-up exercise...and it actually WORKED.
I could feel muscles i n my legs that have been asleep a LONG time......
I feel like such a wimp. I am already sore!! I am sooooo out of shape. Not for long though.
I almost didn't mention this on my blog because there are always people who will say negative things to discourage you and I didn't want to listen to that. But I am real here. And I am just sharing with you guys. Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it!!


kayokat said...

Why is it so HARD for us to get and stay motivated? I'm asking myself that same question. I wish you luck and give you props for sharing this with us.

Berry Patch said...

I'm with you on this one too. I've been working for the last few months to get in shape but I've taken it to a new level for this new year. I just pray my motivation continues!

Amber@MMM said...

Hi! First off, good for you! I have a 'January goal' of walking three days a week, but haven't actually started yet . . .

Ahem. About the breathing thing--it is hard to remember. I learned in HS track to count out my breathing while running to help prevent asthma like attacks (I have scar tissue all over my bronchial tubes from Valley Fever, not really asthma.) So, for me I counted 1, 2 (breathe in) 3, 4 (breathe out). This does still work for me with work out tapes, I just count the beats of whatever music they're playing.

Also, when I feel an attack coming on, I clench my diaphragm when I inhale and push it out when I exhale. Sounds odd, since it's oppostie of the natural movement of that muscle, but it helps to calm my breathing down. A fellow runner with asthma taught me that way too many years ago to mention!

Good luck!

Linda said...

the sooner I get into my house, the sooner I can start exercising and eating right. There is just NO possibility of eating properly when living in a hotel...NONE.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one too. I've walked a mile a day and have done really good sticking to my "diet". I'm thinking of taking tomorrow off on walking to let my body rest but I'm scared I'll have a hard time getting back on the wagon. Motivation is just sucked out in other areas :(.

Thanks for sharing the link...I plan to check that out :)