Saturday, January 24, 2009

our Saturday

Our Saturday included:

  • some time away from the kids, glorious kid-free time!!
  • lunch in Chinatown (we tried to eat at the Chinese place that we usually love, but it had an awful smell ---probably some soup---but we ended up at Fuddrucker's)
  • then a leisurely stroll through The National Portrait Gallery. I got to see the newest addition to the "America's Presidents" which was President George Bush's portrait. It is a great captured him so well.
  • saw the photo of President Obama (but if I wanted that, I'd just pick up ANY magazine or newspaper....I mean, sheesh!)
  • now we're having some down time at home. (Down time consists of me telling Jonathan that no, he cannot have yet ANOTHER snack.....ARGH!)

What are you doing?


Linda said...

Just got back from TGIFriday's...we had a GC to use. There's only one around here, and I figured I'd go exchange something at Macy's while I was there, since it's attached to the Richland Mall. Well, turns out it's not there anymore (according to the internet, it WAS). And there were more empty storefronts than there were open stores in this mall...pathetic. Went to Barnes and Nobles for an iced caramel machiatto. Now the kids are in bed, I'm sitting in the dark, and will be hitting the sack myself quite soon.

ohhollyf said...

Boys eat constantly ! I made parmesan chesse bread and it's a hit here.

Anonymous said...

well, I slept in. DH brought me coffee in bed so I watched "Horton Hears a Who" and drank my coffee. Cute flick if you haven't seen it yet.

Then I scrubbed down my house and almost finished my laundry. I ate lunch took a nap and then went to a MLK celebration at the community college. It was busy but fulfilling :).

Matty is horrible about asking about the snacks too.

Tiny Apples said...

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog. -=) I can answer questions about FIAR. Let me know... You can contact PM me through FIAR with your email address.