Friday, January 16, 2009

sad, sad scrapper

I have not been able to scrapbook much lately.
Okay, AT ALL....
but I still long to.
I love scrapbooking.

And the two scrapbookers whose style and passion I most admire are Stacy Julian, who blogs at Altogether Too Happy and Cathy Zielske, blogging at Bits&Pieces. My treasures are their books! (I even have an AUTOGRAPHED Stacy Julian book!)

So I was soooooo sad to see this on Stacy's blog today:

Simple Scrapbooks magazine is no more.
I will MISS that magazine. I love the approach that they had.
When I think of scrapbooking, I think of Stacy Julian's amazing talent.


Linda said...

nooooooo....that was THE subscription I wanted to start back up....sigh....

Berry Patch said...

Oh I loved that mag! I was a subscriber from the beginning but stopped a year or two ago. Bummer!

Guard Wife said...

Man! I love that magazine. How did I miss this announcement??


I was just headed upstairs to yank out some scrapping materials so I can doctor up the photo book I'm sending to M3.

I'll have to find a new mag, I guess.