Friday, January 09, 2009

ugh and yeah!

(today's picture has NOTHING to do with the post. I just felt like posting it.....)
I felt very UGH when I woke this morning.
Ugh because I worked out two days IN A ROW...
(There will be those among you who agree, and then those of you who think, "man, she's wimpy"....and you'll both be right...) But I am keeping up with it.
It is not easy. I so badly want to eat foods that are NOT healthy but it's just not good for me.
My kids and I are about to lock horns over food issues, too.
Through all of this (self-imposed) turmoil, good will come.
I will be healthier and I won't be a Short-Order cook.

Today my kids start back up with swimming! Wooo Hoo! They are psyched. It's good to have the freedom with our time that homeschooling offers. I would never be able to juggle public school homework demands AND extra-curricular activities......So I hustled them through their work this morning, getting ready for swimming. They both aced their Spelling Tests!

Today is also National Apricot Day and National Static Electricity Day....
If I had known about Static Electricity Day, I would have planned a better science lesson.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow: It's National Peculiar People Day! (I feel a photo session coming with my weird kidlets!!)

All is well in my lil world. It's back to normal...whatever normal is.
Tonight is also Date Night. I am going out to enjoy a nice evening with my husband......

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