Sunday, January 11, 2009


I am a whiney mood.
Mainly because I am suffering a food craving.
I want something crunchy, and salty, maybe dipped in gravy?
But I am committed to a healthier life so I drank my lemon water and choked down my eggs for breakfast. I was not excited about it.
I think it has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that I am tired.

Why am I tired? Because it's Inaugural Time and my husband is working his butt off.
His hours have been all over the place. Like today, he was up at 0145 (that's 1:45 in the MORNING, folks) to be in DC at O'Dark Early for the all day rehearsal.....

Ugh.....I have no business whining. It's HIM that's out there marching in the chill, while I am warm and able to crawl back into bed. But as soon as he got up, so did I. Bless his heart for working so hard for our family. I value what my husband does. He doesn't complain. He doesn't whine (like I do). He's a good man.

But I will glad when the Inaugural stuff is OVER. Personally, I think Barack Obama should've sent a message to those families struggling by saying the festivities would be VERY toned down....but he didn't. And don't lecture to me about the historical significance...Blah blah blah....Do you really think all of those families in places like Ohio or Michigan or even right there in your community who are out of work and scared really care that he added another Formal Ball to the 9 he already had....?

Seriously.....there's a time for pomp.
And it's my personal opinion that that time in NOT now.

{okay I am done whining about everything......}

oh my gosh, I went to MARTIN’S® Food Markets yesterday. I love that store. I really do. And they had some great sample yesterdays. I love samples. They even had some from South Beach Living. I had never tasted those lil Fiber Fit Smores Bar. They taste like candy....So of course I bought a box. And then Jonathan wanted his own box for school snacks...I am amazed they can cram 9gr of fiber into something that tastes like marshmallows and chocolate.

Also from the Martins page, I foung this link: Betty Crocker Coupons you can sign up and get coupons and recipes and other cool stuff. I realized this month that I neglected to sign up for the super-cool Kraft Recipe calendar that I usually hang in my kitchen. So now I am calendar-less in my kitchen. The kids and I are going to MAKE OUR OWN....

Also another cool article I found. I think I saw it first on Frugal Dad (which is one of THE best frugal sites around. That guy is SHARP!)

Go check out the article: 43 Things About Money That You Probably Don’t Know
(for the record, I wouldn't leave my family for even $10,000,000.......)


Berry Patch said...

Sorry your hubby has been gone so much. It does make the days long. And that hour of the morning should NOT exist IMHO - ugh is right! I'll have to check out those bars - I did find some organic chocolate chip granola bars that don't taste all that bad. The nutritionist wants me away from all artificial sweeteners so it's been tough to find SOMETHING sweet to have. LOL

Holly's Mom said...

I love 24. I was watching the Golden Globes tonight and Hubby was making frozen meals so we will watch 24 tomorrow. Sorry your hubby is out and working in the early AM.

Christy said...

I totally agree that there should be FAR LESS Pomp for the inaguration, 9 balls is extreme when our economy is so poor.

But, of course I also don't think what so many Americans think of BO, and that he's going to be some magic little pill or something for our country. I am praying he's successful and is able to help our country get back on track, but I don't think he can do all things since not all things are up to him and he does not have near the power that people seem to think he does. They seem to forget what our Senators and Congressmen/women do as well!!! Ok, I'll stop! LOL

Oh I have a question, what are YOUR personal thoughts and opinion on Michelle Obama's mother moving into the White House??? I have my opinions and curious if they're the same!