Friday, January 16, 2009

uh...where's the snow?

1. I am big believer that if it's going to be cold, then there should be snow.

2. LOTS of snow.

3. Like snowbound, can't leave the house, but the cable still works, snow....

There is a child in my house who is OBSESSED with weather (she will remain nameless). Every day, she prides heself on telling EVERYONE what the weather is, what it will be, etc...) She's BIG on weather....

so this morning, she checks the weather and notes that it's "darn chilly"....and then she's VERY irritated that there is NO SNOW......

Join the club, sister. I want me some snow.....lots of it. They BAWLED yesterday when the 4 minutes of snow that fell quickly melted. They want to move backto AK, like tomorrow. It makes it worse when she checks the weather back in AK.....

this is from the hometown newspaper:

FAIRBANKS — Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind.

The temperature at Fairbanks International Airport hit a record high of 44 degrees just before midnight on Wednesday, continuing what has been a dramatic warm-up following one of the worst cold snaps in decades.

On Sunday, the final day of a cold spell that kept residents in Alaska’s second-largest city shivering for 16 days straight, the low temperature at the airport was negative 44. That’s a difference of 88 degrees in just three days.

I do miss actual weather from AK. I wish our visit home this year was in the Winter but we'll probably go home in the Summer. We'll see!

Now...we're off to swim lessons!

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Berry Patch said...

Agreed - cold weather should have snow. That IS cold for you all down there isn't it? It was a whopping NEGATIVE 22 this morning!!!! BRRRRRRR!