Wednesday, February 04, 2009

blessing others

Many of you don't know me in REAL LIFE.
As a person, as a mom, I am at my happiest when I am helping others.
I like doing things for others.

In light of that, I have organized a SMALL PRIVATE EVENT for homeschooling families in my area to EXCHANGE stuff. We've called it a Blessings Exchange.
Like I mentioned, it's a small PRIVATE event that's for HOMESCHOOLERS.
The reason I mention it is that in the past 24 hours, I have fielded phone calls and e-mails from as far as 50 miles away.....While I love helping others, this is an event that I planned for local homeschooling families.
If you're local and you're a homeschooling family who is interested in donating or collecting items, PLEASE send me a private message. I will then forward you the pertinent information. Items we will be sharing include clothes, books, toys, movies, tools, craft items, cookware and so much more. It's all free and will hopefully bless others. (plus it gets a WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF outta my house.....)
Everything left over at the end of our event will be donated to The Good Sheperd Alliance in Ashburn, VA. You can click here to learn more: The Good Shepherd Alliance - About Us
So let's keep the blessings local.....


Berry Patch said...

What a great idea! Have fun!!! ;-)

Linda said...

I did something similar when I had Scotty. I knew I wasn't going to have another baby, much less a girl, so the 3+ years of baby/girl clothing I'd accumulated was doing me no good. So I invited all my playgroup moms, who had kids in those ranges, asked them to pass the word to a few other moms they knew who might be in need, and had a "shop at Linda's for free" day. I put the clothing out in different rooms by sizes...and about 80% of it was gone. Just gave the ladies lots of plastic sacks!