Wednesday, February 18, 2009

blogging is SOOO important

My husband lovingly teases me about blogging.
For me, it's an online journal, blabbering on about the filler in my day. Because I KNOW people are really totally interested. They're just to shy to ask, I know :)

But there are some really IMPORTANT sites out there:
I found this one today.

Neck of State tracks Obama's ties.

Isn't that what we, as a country, need to be focused on? What President Obama is wearing in the necktie department? Humph. This is, of course, MY OPINION. Which I am so fond to share with all of you 4 readers.

For me, my blog is about reaching out to people.
Sharing my life so it helps (or amuses) someone else.
I get e-mail from ladies who are so thankful that I share frugal recipes and ideas.
I get e-mail from other FX moms letting me know that we're not alone.
I get e-mail from people with WAY TOO MUCH time on their hands, trying to "correct" my political leanings....(not gonna happen..)
I do love to get mail. I was never popular in high school (well, I was but that is a LONG story....)
but e-mail from my blog makes me feel popular, somehow noticed and valuable.....

See what I mean about the blabbering...? hehehehe...

Now, back to nursing a sick boy back to health.
We spent a few hours in the ER, where he was VERY brave.....
You know your boy is sick, TRULY sick, when he's quiet. And still.
Adam is on the mend...and I am just waiting for the insidious virus to wipe out the rest of my family, picking us off, one by one.....

My computer recovery is still ongoing. 55,000 files take a LONG time to recover. It should take a whole week to be finished.

That was my Wednesday, how 'bout you guys?


Anonymous said...

55,000 files!! You put me to (and I want to hear that long story someday)

Hope your little guy is feeling better and it doesn't wipe out the fam.

Berry Patch said...

Keep on blabbing. I love reading it all. ;-) Hope your little guy is getting better!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sick, little one. Hopefully, you and the rest of your family will avoid getting the bad bug.

I hope you know that I think your blog is great! I'd be sad if you ever quit doing it!