Thursday, February 19, 2009

cheaps eats

Two things I really LOVE (and rely on) are :
1) my beloved crock pot...
2) and cheaper cuts of meat.

(Side story: I owned the SAME crock pot for almost 20 was a gift from my Momma. It was THE BEST GIFT EVAH when I left home. I didn't appreciate it at the time ...hey, I was 18, what did I know about crock pots?? It died a year or so ago and was replaced by another crockpot from my stable of kitchen appliances....My crockpot has saved me piles of money over the years...)

As a a military wife, it's MY DUTY to save money on the grocery budget. He makes the money, I spend the money as wisely as I possibly can. One way I do that is that every time we move to a new community, I get to know key people at the market.
The MEAT GUY is at the top of my list. At my local store, I know them. I chat with them, know their kids' names, know their hobbies, etc. That type of info enables me to feel comfortable asking for big bargains. I always ask, "What's the big bargain that everyone is missing today??" (This is how I get t-bones for $2.50 a package...) The guys at the meat counter KNOW that I am a major bargain hunter. Just the other day, one of the Meat Guys saw me in line buying something non-meat related and let me know that he had just double marked down premade burger patties....I bought 6 packages -with 4 burgers each- at $2 each, they were regularly $5 each. A savings of $3.00 per package. A savings of $18.00 in one purchase. The burgers will go in the freezer and make my food budget stretch even further...Those burgers end up as Jonathan's lunch, at $0.50 each, is a HUGE savings for me....

One purchase I made just yesterday was the cutest lil pot roast you've ever seen. I know, you're probably thinking, "Pot roast is NOT cute..." Well, this one was. It was smaller than I usually buy, and it was double marked down, and only $1.67. For a 1.5# pound roast......I came home and baked it immediately!

After using my meat slicer (bought back in Alaska at 50% off and a GREAT investment......) my meal piles are then READY for packaging. This step saves me time (and money) when I need a quick meal. I sliced half of it for BBQ sandwiches and left the other half in chunks for soups or stews.

This lil pile of meat cost me $0.83 and will make an ENTIRE meal...and it's a GOOD and tasty meal.

So get to know your Meat Guy and see what YOU can save at the market.....


Suzanne said...

There is someone called The Crockpot Lady and she has a blog about A Year of Crockpotting...ha...anyway, great looking recipes! I'm planning using them as they sound just so yummy!

SB said...

oh I love love LOVE the Crock Pot Lady's blog. Her name is Stephanie and she ROCKS!!

She used her crockpot every day for an ENTIRE year....she even has a book deal!!

If you look on her blog, search for Apple Dumplings. You won't be sorry!!

Linda said...

There's a butcher here called The Happy Butcher....not so sure I want to visit him, lol! I plan on checking out the deals soon. I love my crock roast...I really do.

rennratt said...

I subscribe to Everyday Cheapskate by email. I get practical tips on how to save money in little ways, every day. She sometimes even includes recipes. My favorite to date:

1 CHEAP cut pot roast (the cheaper the better)

add 1 package each of

brown gravy mix
Italian dressing mix
Ranch dressing mix
1 cup water

Cook on low.


I mix the gravy and dressings with the water and pour it over the roast.

I have found cheap cuts of meat and cheap brown gravy. My NEXT quest? Bulk purchases of the two dressing mixes! (I actually prefer Good Seasons Garlic and Herb instead of Italian...) Any ideas?