Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A happy chef is......

A happy chef is a good thing!
In my house, the chef is happy when people like the meal!
And when it's an inexpensive option, I'm even happier....

Why am I yappin' about this?
Because of this:

It's a uber-cool service that I am getting ready to sample and review.
And she's having a contest (you KNOW I love a contest!!)
(but if you win, ya gotta give me a the form of mini Reese's cups!!)

So here's MY submission:

Tortilla Wraps
(serves 6...)

(This recipe assumes leftovers already in fridge, but will only slightly boost price if purchased)

*leftover turkey or chicken scraps, as much or as little as you want (if purchased, $1.50)
*one box of Wild Rice (Aldi or similar $0.67)
* one packet of turkey gravy (Aldi or similar $0.43)
* handful of veggies (I use corn from meals gone by, but if purchased, allow $0.69)
*flour tortillas, one package/batch (if purchased, $1.50. Mine are from scratch, $0.45)
With leftovers: $2.24
With purchased ingredients: $4.79

1. Make rice according to package instruction.
2. In last few minutes of cooking, add defrosted chicken or turkey. Complete cooking.
3. Make gravy and add to cooked rice.
4. Heat veggies separately and add according to taste.
5. Serve with tortillas and smile, knowing you're fixed a quick, easy, inexpensive, healthy meal.

*I smoke several turkies a year so I always have turkey in the freezer, just for this meal.
**You can add toppings, such as cheese, sour cream, salsa, with very little cost, since most of us stock those ingredients...
***I serve this with fresh fruit on the side.
This recipe, from start to finish, takes me 20 minutes. Hand-making the tortillas takes the longest, and I *try* to do that while the rice is cooking. My husband LOVES this meal. I make it on Wednesday evenings when he has Choir and I know he'll be home late and it's easy to's a family pleasing recipe!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good meal. I'll have to try it out.


Catherine said...

You home make the tortilla?! You are a great chef!