Thursday, February 26, 2009

i love that girl.....

Micaela was a lil mopey today.
It all started with a confidence blow to her reading skills this morning
and the day went downhill.
Try as I may, I couldn't get her out of her blues.
As a girl myself, sometimes it's just that way.

She and I had a LONG talk about how God blesses all of us with very different gifts.
And that it keeps the world more interesting.
She's feeling the disappointment that Math is an evil thing in a FX girl's world.
Man, I wish I could take it all away for her......

We talked about her artistic abilities and her imaginiation, and her fashion sense (which trust me, she did NOT inherit from me......)
She asked if I was an I said, "Yep, photography IS an art." (I don't know if mine qualifies but for a moody 8 year old, it worked....) and she did allow me take some pictures of her.

I don't regret having this lil supernova in my life for a mili-second.
I do carry that guilt that I passed on my FX gene to her.
I see her struggle and try soooo hard, and my heart aches for her, with her.

She's such an amazing kid.
I was NEVER this cool. Not at her age. Heck, not even now.
Such beauty in one person, I am blessed to witness it.

On a lighter note, whatta ya think of her cute haircut? I did it.....
The fact that she'll let me near her with scissors is a testament to our mother-daughter bond.
I still remember, not so fondly, leaning over the kitchen trash can, getting my bangs trimmed, while my not-so-capable of multi-tasking Mom trimmed my hair.
I haven't made her look awful yet, so she's still letting me cut her hair. I do her, Greg does the boys. Another funny note: when I told her how much money we were saving by cutting her hair at home, she asked for a cut of the savings!! Smart (frugal) girl.....


Cheer Mom said...

Great job Suzanne. Rhonda and her brothers used to run and hide whenever they saw me with scissors in hand. My job was never a pretty sight. Being cross eyed might have had something to do with it. LOL As one who remembers you not much older than your beautiful daughter; she is a carbon image.


the other lion said...

Oh, how I feel her pain! She does look adorable -- never would have guessed that she got her haircut at home.

Holly's Mom said...

Great Post! Cute haircut, and Amazing Girl. I love that she wanted a cut of the savings... Now just ask her what percentage she thinks she should get and how much that would be, and she will be doing math without realizing it!

Linda said...

I cut both kids' hair, most of the time. I still do Hannah's bangs regularly, and will do Scotty if he desperately needs a cut. I should have cut his this last time, but I gave in and went to a salon...and they gave him bangs...don't like them on him, lol!

Micaela sounds a lot like Hannah, on the frustration level - though with her, Math is Evil, but reading, not so much. We must let these girls meet soon....

Berry Patch said...

So is so stinkin' cute! I love the haircut. I'm blessed to live next to my MIL & she has always cut the boys hair for me. I'm very lucky! I've NEVER paid for one single haircut for them. It's awsome. And I love how she asked for a cut of the savings! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

You did great Suzanne! Your daughter is gorgious! You both shhould be proud.