Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pizza Moons, anyone?

Micaela named the recipe....She's just quirky like that.
(I have NO IDEA where she gets it....)

My asthma is REALLY bothering me today (courtesy of the wonderful weather!!)
So I am sitting on the computer, updating my blog and collecting recipes...
I am old woman now. My mom said I would know I was truly old when I collected recipes.
Bring on the Old Folks Home then....'cause I love recipes.

This one is super simple and frugal.

Pizza Moons:

Rolls, homemade or store-bought (in MY house, I use my tried and true Roll recipe!!)
Pizza sauce
A handful of shredded cheeses

1. Obviously make the rolls.
2. Split 'em in half.
3. Pour a spoonful of sauce on top.
4. Sprinkle some cheese and call it good.

Micaela asked for these this week when she opened our cabinets, which were stuffed with a variety of food choices, declaring, "there's NOTHING to eat, Mom..." (who knew Mom could be a 6-syllable word...)

So she named them Pizza Moons. And she's in love. It's bread and cheese, how could you not be?
You can sprinkle other stuff on top, if you're so inclined. Like mushrooms, or ground beef. Or chopped up leftover chicken or turkey. Or jalapenos...They're a blank canvas of taste....

(and no mean comments from the Peanut Gallery about my hideous cookie sheet...It's MY FAVORITE...and I cannot bear to part with it. It's so nasty looking because I used to use SPRAY on my cookies. Way back before I fell madly in love with Reynolds Parchment Paper . I couldn't bake with that stuff now.....if you go to that website, you can print a $0.75 coupon!!)

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Linda said...

variation on the moon:

peanut butter (instead of sauce)
chocolate chips (instead of cheese).

Dessert moons!

And I adore parchement too. I use it on cookie sheets as well as in my cake pans (takes some creativity to get it to fit, but fit it, I DO!). I hated all my battered and beat up, not so much!d