Wednesday, February 25, 2009

politics....oh politics....

I have been VERY quiet lately about politics.
Not because I don't have an opinion.
I ALWAYS have an opinion.
It's my very own......I've made no secret that I voted for The Other Guy and I do not support many of the policies currently being voted on, and enacted. I think some of them are downright criminal...and then I think, "Geez, Suz, you sound like the Bush Haters of years gone by..." and then I take a deep breath......

hehehehehe.....I have to laugh, because I think our country is headed for darker times.
Rough seas, if you will.
I am not usually an alarmist but it's entirely possible that things could get much worse.
I watch the news with great trepidation these days.

When I need some perspective, I watch the Glenn Beck Program, which thankfully moved to Fox News. I love watching Glen.....he's so much fun. And I'll admit, he is the reason I subscribe to the higher level of Satellite TV packaging that I do. (We can't get Fox News on the cheaper level and his show is soooooo worth it....)

I saw this on today's show and just had to share: (and to all of my Obama-supporting readers, if there ARE any, I mean no disrespect. It IS possible to disagree with his policies....)

You know what I saw last night (during the 10 minutes I could bear to watch the "speech")

i⋅dol⋅a⋅try ( /aɪˈdɒlətri/ )
1. the religious worship of idols.
2. excessive or blind adoration, reverence, devotion, etc.

..................and that bothered me a great deal.........which is why I was grateful to watch Glenn Beck's show tonight. It offered a unique perspective on today's events...I love how genuine Glenn Beck is. He's all in, and not afriad to be real.

{ok, that's enough politics....}

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Catherine said...

Thanks for introducing me to Beck. I like a good strong conservative view but Rush Limbaugh and some of those others really turn my stomach with their theatrics and untrue statements. They are exactly what you mention--as bad as the anti Bush automatons who had to bash and taunt everything Bush did. Beck is much more down to earth. Am reading a back log of his commentaries, and though I don't agree with everything (I've NEVER found someone with whom I agreed
with everything said), he does make some excellent and piercing points