Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful today.
Thankful that I get to stay home with my kids.
Thankful that I have the option to choose homeschooling.
We're knee-deep in learning about Abraham Lincoln (since it's his 200th birthday....)
So I thought during the day, I would share with you some of the links that we use:

Right now, we're on Scholastic Teacher using this tremendous wealth of info....

It's a well-known fact that I am a frugal, cheap, low-budget kind of gal. I don't like to pay for stuff if I don't have to. I have tried to locate, and use, as many classroom tools for free as possible. Scholastic is one that I am glad to pay for. I bought a subscription in their Scholastic Printables Find It. Print It. Teach It.. It's paid for itself! We also use their Scholastic Mini-Books Create your own leveled library. Great stuff!!

Since I like free (and who doesn't) I like this website soooo much. - Find A Spelling List

Spelling City helped Micaela get through her 2nd and 3rd grade Dolch words in 10 weeks flat. And she ENJOYED IT. It is full of fun games, it's easy to navigate and did I mention it's FREE??

Now, I must go...we're playing Lincoln Bingo while I read the book If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln by Ann McGovern.


marcyh said...

that spelling site looks fun. I may have to try it out with my 1st grader.

Do you have any advice for helping a 7yo with HORRIBLE handwriting...good resources for practice. They teach D'Nelian in the school system, but at this point I don't care if he makes his letters with flourishes. I'd just like to be able to READ his handwriting.

SB said...

we used Handwriting Without Tears for both kids. Micaela LOVED it. Adam just plain hates writing. Thinks of it as torture....

but is a very effective program. I hate to say it but practice is the only thing that works for my kids...

(and I hate D'Nelian...)

marcyh said...

I've looked into the Handwriting without Tears program. I think it is time to make the purchase plunge. Tim is so creative with his storytelling but you can't read it....very sad :-(