Monday, February 09, 2009

Valentine's on the cheap

You know...Valentine's Day is this weekend.
Men all over will be buying dozens of roses, big boxes of chocolates and Hallmark cards.
Women will be expectant. Admit it, we women put a lot of stock in what men do for Valentine's Day..

I'm going to admit here: I love Valentine's Day. I love it being a Day of Love.

BUT..........I would rather have it spread out a bit. I would rather skip the flowers and the chocolates. And have a hand-written love note.

Since Greg and I are presently doing The Love Dare right now, I'm reading his love every day when we share what we've written. It's a deep thing, let me tell you. Knowing how my husband feels about me is far more meanginful than a box of over-priced themed candy. (Besides if you wait ONE day, you can get all of your Valentine's Candy HALF PRICE......)

The kids and I are busy crafting a FRUGAL Valentine's celebration.
And in an effort to share the love (and save the money), I share these awesome provided tips!
What are YOU planning for Valentine's Day? We're attending a Couples Breakfast at our church and then spending some time together as a Family....
Valentine Pennie Pockets: Four little nosegay Pennie Pockets of Valentine happiness. Fill with treats and love… hang on a front door handle… ring the doorbell… and RUN! Hello! Adorable! Found at Moda Bakeshop.

How To Make Woven Fabric Hearts: Learn how to make Danish woven hearts out of fabric. Tutorial is in video format. Found at Curbly.

Victorian Fan Valentine: With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s not too late for a handmade gift for a special friend. What a pretty fan! Includes free pdf template download. Found at Seasonal Delights Magazine.

Valentine’s Teacher Gift: Super easy project, just decorate a bottle of liquid hand soap or sanitizer and be amazed at the transformation! Found at Just a Girl.

Valentines Treasures: Free downloads and instructions for candy wrappers and labels to make your very own gift box of sweet treats (plus a free font download). Found at Schlosser Designs.
Valentine’s Day Can: Repurpose a soup can into a lovely decorated treat to hold flowers, candies, pens, whatever you like. Found at The Long Thread.

Vintage Valentine Frame Tray: Take a filigree metal picture frame and some vintage valentines and turn it into a kitchsy serving tray perfect for serving Valentine’s treats. Tutorial found at Vintage Indie.

Valentine’s Votives Tutorial: All you need are a few votive holders, some tissue in pretty Valentines-y shades, Mod Podge, a paint brush (or sponge brush), and scissors. Project found at The Shabby Nest.

No-Sew Valentine Garland: Take some cardboard scraps from cereal boxes, cut them into heart shapes and cover with batting and fabric. Add some ribbons and bows and you have a lovely holiday garland. Found at Scraps In Progress.

Clip Art Craft: Valentine Card: Print out a free Valentine’s Day card with a snail, poke a lollipop through the card and the lollipop looks like the snail’s shell. Found at Zakka Life.

Free Candy Bar Labels: Download available in two different sizes, pretty labels! Found at Creature Comforts.

Valentine Sparkle: Take a bead covered styrofoam ball, add some ribbons with tags and you have a lovely “You Are Loved” keepsake. Found at Inspiring Ideas.

Lollipop Holder Valentines: Simple valentines with dots and cute little animals each holds the gift of a single lollipop…sometimes candy is sweeter than words! Free printable found at Tricia Rennea.

“Just to Say” Brooch Tutorial: They are lovely pinned to a card for that special occasion, then can be attached to cushions, aprons, hats, scarves … whatever you wish … and treasured forever. They’re great for using up all those scraps from your fabric stash too. Project available via free pdf download, found at Bustle And Sew.
NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, Share the love.


Christy said...

We're going to Edelweiss in Garmish (Chad's home for R&R) and we'll be getting massages, it's not frugal at all, but it's worth it and well we're um spreading the love out lol...when hubby's been gone 8 1/2 months lets just say there is a lot of love being shared! LOL :X

SB said...

that sounds VERY romantic. And worth every penny....

I am so happy for you that you have your Valentine close by.


Darrill said...

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