Thursday, March 19, 2009


I woke up today with a SERIOUS case of "lack of motivation".
The weather, on this last day of winter, is dreary with a slight chill.
I wanted just to stay under my warm covers.

And then an amazing thing happened: my kids were AWAKE and ready to learn.
So I threw back the blankets and cranked up our school day.

Adam was relishing the freedom of SWIP.....(schooling while in pajamas).
Micaela and I were knee deep in some treachurous Math work.
And it then hit me: I have sooo much freedom with them, to do what we want, to learn at their natural pace. To enjoy and delve into areas that enthrall them. Yesterday it was double numbers, today it was Micaela facing her Math Fear.

Homeschooling means FREEDOM to me. And to my kids.
We're free to take as long on Math as we need to.
We're free to talk about anything, for as long as want.
We're not nailed down to a textbook, if we don't want to be.

Although we use a specific curriculum, I love the freedom of reaching out for additional resources. (I have been shying away from the Boxed curriculum because my kids were getting bored and if they're bored, it's not engaging them...) So we're looking at Homeschool Online Program. at They have everything I need and more. As long as I have an internet connection, I have a web-based curriculum. Which means I can even keep up with school when we go camping to Cowans Gap State Park (which is where we are Spring Break'ing...)

Reasons you might consider a web-based curriculum:
  • Tracks children's progress and continues to challenge them as they strengthen their skills.
  • Since it's totally web-based, there is no software to install so your child can learn anywhere that there is an Internet-connected computer!

Ready to give Time4Learning a try? Registration and child placement only takes minutes. Time4Learning charges a monthly subscription fee and you can cancel at any time. And to make it totally risk-free, Time4Learning comes with a two-week money-back guarantee. Why not, Sign Up Now?

And my kids wanted me to add this: (direct quote)

"Time4Learning is NEVER boring....." - Micaela, age 8, learning difficulties

"You gotta play with Harrison on's the BOMB!" - Adam, age 6, who is at least 2 years ahead in his learning

'Nuff said......

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