Wednesday, March 11, 2009

in my day

1) I mad at my computer. I shouldn't be. It's working...but it's not reading my mind. ARGH!

A good reminder that we all have sooo much for which we should be thankful.

3) When Jonathan gets home every day, he stalks me for snacks. This is a tough part of my day. Most days, I dread 3pm....but only for about 15 minutes. I wish JUST ONCE he wouldn't follow me around, begging for food. I really HATE that side effect of his meds. I mean, didn't someone in R&D think that one through.....?

4) Tonight is soup & sandwich night. I am making baked potato soup. Maybe roast beef sandwiches, which around here we call "roast beast." I love potato's sooo comforting.

5) While working today, the children came in to say "Mom, look......" no less than 14 million times. Very frustrating....this is why I like to work at night...

6) coolest tool that I found today for inspiring (unwilling) reluctant writers in my homeschool:
Adam loved writing about the green zebra (who apparently ate too many vitamins)

7) I scored TWO bottles of gummy bites Vitamins for the kids at Target. They were on CLEARANCE for $2.26, so I bought two bottles. Adam decided to EAT 1.5 bottles worth yesterday. That's 80 gummy vitamins, folks. I was so mad at him....but I let his Daddy handle him. Greg was smart: he made him immediately get into his pj's and lay on the couch with a yak-bucket in case he got sick. Of course he didn't...but he had to "suffer" through thinking that vomiting was imminent. He declared today that he does NOT like those vitamins anymore (big shocker there..)

8) I have earned 2-$20 gift cards with my rockin' Search & Win. It's soooo easy. I search and click and earn my way to gift cards. What could be easier? if you're online doing any research, let me refer you so you can start clicking your way to some goodies.

9) Now I must go. That spell I cast on my dishwasher didn't work. Somehow the dishes did NOT unload themselves....Hmmmph.

10) I don't have a #10...I just couldn't stand the thought of ending on 9. I am weird like that, don't ya know?



fragilemom said...

We have the same problem with stalkers wanting food. I'm constantly walking around the island in the kitchen trying to get away. Inevitably I get caged in with one in front and two behind. Drives me nuts! Love the soup and sandwich night idea! I try to come up with a dinner schedule, but as much as I want to be, I'm so NOT a good scheduler. I wake up dreaming that the dishwasher was unloaded AND reloaded with dirties. Hasn't happened yet.

Berry Patch said...

Again, love these random things. I should try it sometime. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know. Stay the way you are though, it's very cool!

TheXMom said...

If you ever get that spell to work let me know.. I've been trying to perfect it for years and all I ever get is more dirty dishes... Love your blog!