Tuesday, March 17, 2009

it's all in my day....

What a crazy day....

Made the mistake of trying to clean my desk off. And re-organize...(my husband, God love him, KNOWS I am a chronic re-orgnizer is probably laughing at this....)

Well, I got distracted by the laundry, then the homeschool day, then a phone call.

ADD much?

SO I thought for today (and probably just for today) that I would blog in a continuous post instead of posting 3-4 different posts......Just trying to keep you people awake while reading.
Was very inspired by this: Root Ginger: A Study of Red Hair
(I have been known to fuss over and offer high dollar freebie photography sessions to kids with red hair. I love FRECKLES.....I wish I had some. I don't think the ones on my shoulders count..I don't really want red hair, I want the freckles...I think red hair is beautiful though.)
Taught about the 10 Commandments today. Some pretty interesting stuff came out of that discussions. Adam had a lot of questions (of course he did...)
We are coloring leprechauns for our front door and making GREEN CUPCAKES. My kids were saddened to see that I do NOT own a green shirt. Even Jonathan wore green today.
Today, when not schooling, I'll be editing...all day. And I don't mind.
This is absolute OUTRAGE....
http://news.yahoo.com/s/usnw/20090316/pl_usnw/the_american_legion_strongly_opposed_to_president_s_plan_to_charge_wounded_heroes_for_treatment -----------------------------------------
I'll admit: this site distracted me a bit today. But not until AFTER school was done.
Food Blog Search
You guys see this? I.O.U.S.A.: The Movie You can watch the 30 minute version online. It's very informative and a nice way to learn during lunch. Okay, maybe not nice....but still you should watch.
My kids are in throes of a LEGO obsession. I made the error of giving Adam a box of Legos BEFORE BED the other night.....Let's just say: I learned my lesson. That boy could just do Math and build all day and he'd be happy. Even Micaela is loving it! Maybe we could win the Lottery and I could whisk them away to LEGOLAND. Not likely...since I don't play the Lottery....

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