Wednesday, March 04, 2009

never Wordless

I try and take these really cool pictures for Wordless Wednesday.
But it's useless. I cannot be Wordless. I am just way too yappy for that. (those of you who know me -and love me- are nodding your heads, I can tell!!)

Well, here it is Wednesday. And I am not so Wordless.
I didn't sleep much last night. The IDEA is keeping me up! As soon as I would start to get sleepy, some other creative spark would burst in my head and my eyes would FLY open. The last time I looked at the clock, it was 0245...
It's now almost 0800 and my school day is getting started. We're CarSchooling today as I zip from a meeting (about the IDEA) and then onto Bible Study. I am SOOOO excited about the Bible Study.
a) it's with my friend, Stacey, who is amazing!! and b) it's a BETH MOORE Bible Study.
I was sitting here, saying my prayers this morning, thanking God for this amazing journey. Yes, I complain and I grouse. But man, I have it good. (we all do...) I have good friends. A warm home. Loving kids. A faithful, loving husband. A full pantry. And a bunch of extras. It's all good......really good.
So I leave you with this picture. It's Adam and the Magic Blanket. This blanket is a highly prized item in my home. (if my house were on fire, I would totally grab this.....) I have had it since I lived in Guadalajara, (Mexico) in the 7th grade. It's the softest blanket EVAH. My mom bought it for me at Mercado Libertad, an open air market where I served as her shopping translator....It has magical healing power. It surely does! (when people get sick in this house, they all NEED my blanket...) From a decorating standpoint, it's not pretty at all. It's got a puppy and kitty on one side, and a tiger on the other. And a burn mark, where I left the iron on it for too long.....but this blanket has kept me warm....It's the Magic Blanket. And Adam NEEDED it this morning....
And feast your eyes on my penguin flannel sheets. (they were a gift from Micaela...) Go ahead, I know you're a lil envious....(hehehehe).....
Now, I am off and RUNNING!


ohhollyf said...

Poor little man !
......waiting for Friday :)

rennratt said...

It's great to see that it actually exists! Nooze and I are fans of the book. (Snuggle Piggie and the Magic Blanket...)