Sunday, March 29, 2009


My kids nag me.
Since the calendar SAYS it's Spring, they nag me for Slushies...
We recently got a Sonic a mere 20 miles away, so they get grape slushies there.
And even at Happy Hour (at half-price) it can still add up.

So we make 'em from scratch....for $0.30 for a batch that serves 5.....


2 cups of ice water
2/3 cup of sugar (does not taste good with Splenda, I tried)
One packet of unsweetened Kool-Aid
and a bunch more ice to give it thickness....

Whip these together with your blender and then pour into glasses with straws.
Enjoy these for PENNIES...and make your kids happy!!

Micaela reported that mine were WAY better than Sonic's....and I didn't even pay her to say that.

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Catherine said...

You are a genius, Suzanne. Just bought some kool aid on sale half price so guess what I'm making? Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.