Wednesday, March 18, 2009

things you didn't know you wanted to know....

Because I am totally obsesed with lists, here I go:

I am {{this close}} to posting something big. Stay tuned.
Obama to make history with Leno...
this is beyond ridiculous. A SITTING PRESIDENT on the Tonight Show. The word pathetic springs to mind, but that would be disrespectful, so I'll just say I believe it to be shameful. Appearing on a show like that takes away from the dignity of the most powerful office in the World. But that's just my cranky opinion.
Rep.: Geithner's Gotta Go
If they fire Geithner, who on Earth do they think they're gonna get? No one will work on the mess WITH him, much less take it over.....Sheesh, 700 people apply for one janitorial job in OH but NO ONE want to work at the Department of Treasury . Kind of makes ya wonder...
I have to do it. Get my hair cut, that is. I think my hairdresser put my hair under some spell. It grew EXTRA fast this month....
Getting close to easter. Not only am I think about the TRUE message of Easter, but I'll admit: This beckons me: Welcome to Jelly Belly!

What's YOUR favorite flavor??


Catherine said...

You are so right, Suzanne. NOONE wants Geithner's job. He still has a lot of unfilled positions and is run ragged as he is so understaffed. With all the unemployed here in the financial industry, he can't find anyone for those jobs! By the way, his house is on the market. I live near him.

Linda said...

buttered popcorn...oddly enough.