Thursday, March 05, 2009

welcome to my Thursday


I could listen to Jim Cramer all day. He and Glenn Beck are my list of personalities that I'd love to have lunch with..........but I was shocked to find out that he is a Democrat, and how honest he was about how wrong he was about voting for Obama.......Really?? Ya think?? I so wish they would feature Obama on that lil Saturday Night Live skit on the News where they got, "Reall? Oh Really?" You know what I am talking about? Ok, I just look weird I know....

How I deal with stress
I make cookies. Stress I cannot control, but I can control cookie dough, by golly!! Today's batches included: Toll House choco-chip, Oatmeal, and THE quintessential Sugar Cookie (which I will be frosting and decorating). I really do feel better when I am baking. Now cleaning up is a different story altogether....

I just a Ladies Bible Study. It rocks! Yesterday was our first day (and my first EVER bible study) and it was GREAT. I slept so well, falling asleep thinking about it.

Micaela, who is a fun 8, is obsessed with the Weather. God forbid Greg or I attempt to look at AccuWeather without letting her check the weather FOR US. She's very territorial about the weather. And she's on a MAJOR countdown to the Vernal (Spring) Equinox
Every five minutes, I get this from her, "Mom, it's only 15 days!!" She's gonna be some kind of ticked off when it's not bathing suit warm on the actual FIRST DAY OF SPRING....

I will HOPEFULLY be making my announcement tomorrow. Maybe Monday.
I wanna get it just right.

Beans make my budget happy
....In my Month of March Menu, beans appear SIX times. I need to step that up. The kids are digging my printed weekly menu on the fridge. Micaela told me so honestly today, "It's nice knowing what's for dinner......ya know, so I don't freak out or anything."
Uh huh..yeah.....she's VERY 8.

So what are YOU up to??


Blondie said...

I just looked at your blog for the first time. How awesome that you keep it updated so well. I have a blog, but can rarely make myself sit down to type something. I would rather play or research something. Hope we can play next week.

SB said...

That's the nicest thing I have heard all day. Other than Jonathan sayin' "You're old but you're Da Bomb, Mom...." Pretty hard to top that!


Linda said...

Which Beth Moore study are you doing? I know a lot of ladies who are in the process of, or have just completed, her Esther study and say it is fantastic. I haven't done one of hers since I was pregnant with Scotty...gave birth in the middle of it and was never able to get caught up and finish it. She's SO intense!

Where are MY cookies???? Bring me some, 'k?

Anonymous said...

I loved the picture of your daughter reading in the kitchen!

How many other Obama faithfuls are asking the same Jim Kramer type question?

I'll bet your cookies are good. I wish I had some.

Your daughter will probably make one great TV weather forecaster some day. She's already got the looks, and appears to have a great interest in weather as well.

So what was your big idea from a few entries back? You never did say....

And, what's the big announcement? Inquiring minds (and you devoted blog readers) want to know, you know?