Sunday, March 08, 2009

where's my hour?

It's that whole Spring Forward messes me up.

My husband is our Church choir director and he gets up VERY early on winter Sundays and goes to the 8am service. We live a pretty long ways from church, so I very rarely ever go to the 8am service. I know I sound very whiney when I say, "It's a pain gettng up at 5am to get the kids up so they can sleep through church..." But I miss church in the winter because of this.....I don't miss it completely but it makes it tough. I welcome Spring's arrival because it means we get to attend as a family more frequently.......

You know....I used to be Catholic. The proper way to say that is "I was raised Catholic." But to be honest, I wasn't a very good one. I didn't have a very strong upbringing in the church, and it felt more like an afterthought, rather than living life for God's glory. When I met Greg, I became a Lutheran. And I have enjoyed a relationship with God in a way I never knew. I am so grateful for that.

It's 734am on a Sunday morning...and I am sitting here at my desk. The house is quiet. I am seriously considering pulling a chair onto my desk and just sitting, listening to the birds chirp. They know Spring is soon to arrive. My kids are so excited about Spring. I think today, we're going to have a Family Picnic....

So while I was sitting here, thanking God for the good in my life, I was (of course) clicking around....and found this: I thought it might be helpful to those of who observe Lent. It's tough to come up with new recipes!

Now, the birds are calling me......gotta go.

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Linda said...

I have to get up early now too...since I have started playing for the orchestra at church. Today was H.A.R.D.! Not to mention, Scotty was up like 5 times last night. I was under the advil p.m. influence...wasn't pretty. But I would love to sit out on my deck (patio) with a cup of coffee or tea and just enjoy the morning....soon, I will!