Tuesday, March 24, 2009

will my kid be an artist?

I am CONSTANTLY telling my kids that are is subjective, that what appeals to one person does not appeal to another, that art is from within, blah blah blah......

So I just had to laugh (at myself) when I saw this "art" above. It's part of a subway platform into an art gallery opening. THIS IS ART....

Brick Window (2003)
Metropolitan Transit Authority in collaboration with Unknown Artists
Glass Bricks with Ink marker

This piece inverts the typical window by making it from opaque bricks, set within a larger opaque wall. This opens the dialogue between the lower spaces of the MTA subway and the upper world where sunlight would necessitate such windows. The null opacity of the glass is called to attention by the use of ink markers.

Uh huh......well.......yeah, you betcha......If that's the deal, I should open up an exhibition of what Adam did to the upstairs bathroom door with a pencil. It's so edgy, so perilous.....so permanent.

Seriously, you have to read the article. It shows you that there is "art" around us in every day life. THAT is a sentiment that I can get behind. I love the everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Crated by "Unknown Artists", eh?

I wouldn't put my name to that either...