Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wow on a Wednesday

Have you ever felt alone.....? I mean TRULY alone even in a crowded room type of alone?
I have....Luckily, it never lasted long.
I am comforted knowing that as a child of God I am never alone.
I took this picture today and remembered what that dark time felt like....and am so happy for the Spring in my soul.

did ya see this? Lisa in Maine is having a thing at her blog:

It's a photo thing.....and I love all things photo, ya know.

Now, I am off to deliver Mexican Wedding Cookies that I made the other day. If I do not remove them from my kitchen counter, I fear I will eat every last one of them. They were SINFUL, I tell ya. I love baking, but I don't know if I can bake those again.....they were soooo yummy. I'd share the recipe, but then I would be enabling......
I love Spring weather but my asthma hates it.......ugh! (ok, that comcludes my complaining....)


Linda said... promised to share the recipe if they were good. So, since they were not just good, but SINFUL, you must share the recipe!

ohhollyf said...

enabling, lol
i just saw TGIF's have a rockin' club card, you can even got to front of line w/ it !

Berry Patch said...

Enable...pretty please??? ;-)

I can't wait to have little flowers growing in my yard again. I have over 2 feet of snow still on my flower garden!! ::sigh::

fragilemom said...

Love the pic of the flower. Yep, I think most of can relate. But for all who know Jesus, what a glorious hope we have!