Saturday, April 18, 2009

am I becoming a shoe girl?

I have never considered myself a shoe girl. EVER.
I have a sister who was a shoe girl and I never understood it.
As a kid, I would try on all of her shoes.
But as an adult, I am just not into shoes.

Having said that, I spent an HOUR perusing the killer macho clearance shoes on Amazon today. And I'll admit: I love boots. Dressy boots, cowboy boots (not ropers, actual cowboy boots that are scuffed with years of wear...) and yes, even rain boots.

I mean just look at these. Aren't they the cutest?

Micaela GASPED when she saw them.
Of course she did.
She's a Shoe Girl.


Berry Patch said...

I'm with Micaela - those are awesome! ;-) I used to be a shoe girl but then I had my first kid & my feet grew - seriously. I'm too cheap now to buy them all over again. I have a lot of Crocs though. I love Crocs. But those are some seriously cute rain boots.

Anonymous said...

I love those boots where did you get them from? do you happen to know what brands they are? I got mine from a cute store called GumDrops in Vancouver BC