Saturday, April 18, 2009

Clickin' my way to $$$

I've rec'd some e-mails and comments, asking HOW I manage to accumulate points/rewards through the various sites that I use.

So....I'm gonna show you how I do it :) Mind you, this is MY way. I would LOVE to hear how others do it, too.

1. I usually do my click-work early in my day. My husband starts his day early so I am awake already and the house is quiet. I go through a system, clicking one after another. I have a special Favorites folder than I just go through one-by-one. I'm usually done before my Hot Tea gets cold :)

2. I start out with YouData. I answered a bunch of profile questions and they tailor ads just for lil' old me...I have the AdBox installed on my desktop and it loads 5 ads at a time for me.

It loads them probably once a day. Sometimes, it's full. Other days, I only get one or two ads. If I don't have any ads, I get this message.

Now I'll admit, I won't be paying off my mortgage with my YouData earnings. It's small, incremental amounts. But it all adds up...

All told, I've made about $7.00 in my first month with YouData. Like I said, not millions, but even if I did this every other month, that's still $42.00 a year. And it's quick. I spend MAYBE 3-4 minutes each day that I click through their ads. Also YouData automatically sends my payments to my PayPal account once a week.

3. I must say that SwagBucks is my personal favorite click activity. It's super easy and I see the benefits right away. In the 6 weeks I've been doing it, I've cashed in 220 points for a Target gift card and I'm now accumulating my points for a Lowe's gift card to off-set my kitchen remodeling project.
The very first thing I did when I joined SwagBucks was installed the ToolBar!! That way ALL of my searches earn me potential points.

I also promoted SwagBucks to other people, people who I know like deals and bargains.

Installing the toolbar makes it easy because I don't have to think about it. If I have THINK before I click, I'll forget. My mind can only hold so much info....

4. Now lastly, I just started InBox Dollars back again. I've earned $13.00 in my 1st week. I'll let it ride for a few months and accumulate some more money.
Now with InBox dollars, you can click, shop and even play games. They even have paid e-mails!

None of these activities will fund my vacation to a tropical island. I won't get rich. But it all adds up. And isn't that the idea?

On Monday, I'll share some of my absolute favorite websites for freebies and special offers. The kind that get me a huge box of freebies that I then donate to the Women's Shelter. (I often donate my freebies. Share the blessings and all). Next week, I'll take you deep inside my couponing. And how I save 30-45% off my grocery bills. Just last night, we went to Martin's and I saved $72.00. Which was more than 50% of my bill.

Now, I am off to enjoy my Saturday!! The sun is shining and the laundry is DONE :) It's gonna be a good day!!


ohhollyf said...

You're the best for taking time to share this, Happy Spring

Sue said...

My only problem with Swag bucks is that the search engine is horrible for me. I use it the same way I use google but I pretty much get junk -- sometimes a couple of relevant links but when I do the same search with google I get so much more (maybe more than I need to but...) so I end up searching nearly everything twice. Once on Swag to hopeful get a buck or two and then on google to get what I am looking for :(