Wednesday, April 15, 2009

deal of the day

Went to Bloom. They had a TON of meat reduced.
Amazingly, I didn't buy any. Except for one package of steaks.
If I were smart, I would go back and buy every $4.00 roast that they have. I just might do that.....

What I did buy was this:

Although I do eat at Taco Bell, I have never had their Taco Bell dinner sets. I am lucky enough to be married to the Non-Pickiest Eater of a Husband. He'll eat just about anything I cook. He loves Taco Bell. What prompted me to buy this was the fact that there were $1.00 coupons stuck to them. They were on sale for $2.00, so I would have been paying $1.00 per box, which is pretty decent. When I checked out, the register spit out a $2.00 off Taco Bell I got two boxes FOR FREE. At the end of my purchase, it then printed a $4.00 off my next Taco Bell I went back and "bought" a few more and put them in the Food Bank box.

Free is the New Black, ya know.

This will make Mexican Food night (which is tomorrow) a quick and easy meal to make. (I am still going to make my own tortillas. I don't trust any package tortillas....)

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