Thursday, April 23, 2009

do you like coffee?

Do you love coffee?
I think I might be one of only 4 people on Earth who do NOT love coffee.
I can drink it sometimes, if the mood if JUST RIGHT, maybe an iced coffee...but it's really more like 99% chocolate with the coffee waved over it.
But I digress..

I spotted this deal: (blog hates me so I am link-less)

and I did the deal so I could gather coffees for my java-drinkin' husband.
I made the order 4 days ago, and they arrived TODAY. I promptly cancelled the membership that would have obligated me to buy lots more. The staff at Boca Java was very nice about it. They said the response was don't delay.

Here's what I scored for $4.95 (S&H included):

The Irish Creme is going to my MIL, who LOVES Bailey's in her coffee, so I figure maybe she'll like coffee that tastes like Bailey's. I am blessed with a fab MIL. I wish we lived closer to her.....

(sorry for the blurry picture but my head hurts so badly that it feels like my eyeballs are vibrating...ugh!)

Hey, wait a has caffeine which is a vaso-constrictor. I could drink a whole bunch and cut off the blood supply, and short circuit the pain!! Nah, that won't work....I don't like coffee....ugh!

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fragilemom said...

Yep, lover of coffee here. At least 2 cups in the morning and sometimes one after naptime. I think I'm so addicted I get the 'caffeine' headaches if I skip a day. Wanna here something worse than not liking husband drinks the instant garbage!