Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am THRIFTY, baby!

I slept sooo well last night, which doesn't happen enough lately.
I woke up willingly at 6am. 6am on a Saturday.
The kids slept for three more hours.
I clicked all of my favorite frugal sites and enjoyed the morning hours in solitude.

Then I decided "let's go shopping"
With all three kids.
So we hit the thrift stores.
The ones I don't get to go to due to distance or hours.

So here's what we scored:

* A new purse. A wild pattern I'll admit. But I thought: why not? Be bold. It was more than I usually spend on dinner, but I was feelin' good... $3.50 (half off $7)
* some cute clunky shoes that will be perfect with long pants or jeans. $6.50
* A pink & purple art organizer for the car for Micaela. $1.99
* Brand new Eddie Bauer pants, which look great with aforementioned clunky shoes $7.00
* Copper-ish necklace. I need accessories like you wouldn't believe. I am always admiring ladies' at church with their cute stuff, so I want some of my own now. $3.00
* pink running shorts for Micaela $2.00
* A clipboard (which I NEED) $0.50
* workbook for 2nd grader $1.50 (books were half price)
* a prized Pokemon book which Adam shrieked when he saw it. He'd been complaining there was nothing for boys. Lo and behold...$1.50
* THREE BrainQuest car games $0.75 each

A good haul. Everyone was happy. Jonathan even shopped with us. I got a lot but didn't spend a lot. That makes me feel good.


Diann (The Thrifty Groove) said...

Nice haul! I love the thrift stores. I have to admit, the bulk of my wardrobe is from the thrift stores! :)

Karen_thrifty said...

Looks like you did well. It feels good to find some bargains.