Monday, April 06, 2009

it's REALLY Spring Break?

1. The sun is not really shining. Yesterday was sunnyand warm and inviting. Today? Not so much.

2. The Home Remodeling Fest (which will now be called HRF) continues. The bathroom is shaping up nicely. I figured that I will just show you guys when Mr. Fixer is done. I'd bet he'll be done in a few short days. It's really lovely. (I'm wishing we'd done it sooner but sadly, money does not grow on trees!)

3. Part of HRF is THE KITCHEN...We both have agreed on the design and elements, we've even purchased some of it so we plan on tackling that in May. Did I mention that Lowe's gives the MILITARY DISCOUNT all year long? Home Depot will sometimes do it if you ask. Our flooring came from Home Depot but we're buying new appliances at Lowe's. You know me, I am HUNTING for bargains. (I wish they had a buy zero, get 3 free.....)

4. Did I mention that my husband, The Fixer, is home for the ENTIRE WEEK??? The kids (and I) are thrilled to have him home this much. I feel like I am in the way with the HRF but I am trying to be helpful.

5. My good friend, Stacey, is having surgery tomorrow. Will you please lift her in prayer? She's like a sister to me. She's what I had always had hoped for in a sister. She is warm, funny, kind and generous. So I kind of adopted please pray for peace for Stacey, and for quick healing and comfort.

6. I have loaded my dishwasher three times today. And don't even get me started on the washer. I'm going to start starving some nekkid people around here!! (sorry for the cruel visual, folks)..

Now, back to the HRF....Mr Fixer could probably use some ice tea!

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Linda said...

Lowes offers a mildis? Darn it all...we probably would have saved some good money. BUT...after the poor customer service I just received regarding my rug, I don't think I'll be using them unless I am desperate. But when I think that we've sunk close to $1K in that store so far, that extra 5 or 10% would have been nice.

It's spring break for us too. Not much going on...will silk tie-dye tomorrow, I think...and make mint chocolate cupcakes later on in the week.