Saturday, April 11, 2009

my Fixer is great!!

Greg is my Fixer. He's so handy with tools. I am blessed that I married a man who's handy! He's been VERY busy finishing up the upstairs bathroom project, which was Project #1 in the HRF (Home Remodeling Fest)'s 95% done. I am just waiting till the shower is re-installed before I show off the bathroom. Is it wrong to show off a bathroom? Funny related story: During the 1st WEEK we lived in this house, three LONG years ago, Micaela was in the bathroom, had just sat down and a GIANT bee flew near her. She has not used that bathroom (except once or twice in emergency) since that 1st week....Now SHE loves the new bathroom.

What have I been doing for the last 6 un-blogged days: Watching movies, helping the Fixer, dodging the Snack Stalker and of course, laundry (which never seems to be done, EVER...) We've watched a lot of movies. Watched "Slumdog Millionaire" Cute movie but I really don't think it deserved Best Picture. I mean, REALLY?

Even though we have not started on the kitchen officially, we bought the appliances. And Greg installed my stove. I love it. No....I mean I LOVE IT. The old black, dark dinosaur stove is gone. And in its place is a lovely sparkling clean new range. It brightenes up my kitchen so much. He also installed a very stubborn new dishwasher. The over-range microwave will be installed soon, too. I can't WAIT to get the new floors and new paints and new counters....

And no, we didn't win the Lottery. We've been wanting to do these upgrades for a LONG time. No time like the present. I have never really liked my kitchen and I am very excited about these changes.

Tonight is Family Game Night. And we're dying Easter Eggs tonight, with a big pile of silk ties. I'll post a picture later if I have time... We need to tuck ourselves in early for Easter services tomorrow. My heart is prepared and ready for the Easter message.


fragilemom said...

Beautiful stove. And OMG, just that view of your kitchen lookes EXACTLY like a friend's of mine kitchen. Wild.

We're ready for Easter around here too. Trying to explain in simple terms to a 4 year old what Easter is is quite difficult.

Catherine said...

My silk tie eggs were a bust. Would love to see yours.

Berry Patch said...

I agree - I love being married to a man who can fix & build. He's even in the process of designing our new home. I can't wait for that project to begin! ;-)

Linda said...

I love those solid surface stoves...especially if they are the gray surface...not so fond of the black surface and appliances I have (but hey, they came with the house). Can't wait to see the rest of the kitchen!

How did the eggs come out? I haven't been able to post pictures on blogger, but I did on my facebook...did you see them?

He is RISEN!!!