Wednesday, April 15, 2009

organized....not so much

I have been a bit overwhelmed lately.
Too much going on. Not sleeping all that well.
Don't know why. But I have to do SOMETHING about it.

Usually when I get like this: I organize something.
Even if it's something small.
Gives me a sense of accomplishment, which then allows me to tackle bigger projects.

So I am purging. Getting rid of stuff. It feels SOOOOO good to get rid of stuff.
Just tomorrow, I'll be donating three perfectly usable appliances from our kitchen (donating them to the Habitat Re-Store which just opened in my town).

I am culling through the astonishingly large collection of scrapbooking stuff. Not only do I not have space, but I don't have time. I had promised myself to reduce down to supplies that will fit into one 2-drawer file cabinet and I intend to keep that promise. I have been Freecycling A LOT of stuff. I will probably end up selling my Stampin' Up stamps on Craigslist. (I will keep probably 10 sets in all).

So as Spring takes hold, I am getting rid of stuff that is weighing me down. I want to BREAK FREE. Break free from the clutter, the hold that materialism has on me from time to time and allow God to work in my heart to do what I am SUPPOSED to be doing. If I limit the distractions, I will be more open to His purpose for me. And I am ready for that.

My husband will no doubt snicker at this. He is very familiar with my chronic reorganizational whims. And he loves me through all of it. (thankfully!)

I'll share pictures when I can. if I stop to photograph my progress, I'll lose my momentum :)

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