Thursday, April 16, 2009

this IS a blessed day!!

I started out my day VERY motivated.
I woke with a smile, made breakfast.
Didn't even lose my cool when arguing with Jonathan about the merits of frequent and thorough bathing....
I went to the store, went to icky Post Office, went to the library.
And that was AFTER Tackling the kids' school.
Even went to donate our old kitchen appliances to the new Loudoun County ReStore. (Let them be a blessing to someone else....)

And then it happened: I picked up something from a generous FREECYCLE person. Her name is Heather and she made Adam's day.

What did we get? 5 HUGE trashbags of LEGOS.
I had intended on hiding the Legos until his birthday on May 17th, but there was no hiding the sheer quantity. As I loaded them into the car, he shoutes out, "Oh my Lord in Heaven, this IS a blessed day...!!" It was so moving. He actually got tears in his eyes looking over the MOUNTAIN of Lego bags.

He was so excited, he declared that yes, he would share them with his sister. Of course, he had to tell her that HE was the Supreme Lego Master and he would teach her everything he knows. The picture above shows the contents of ONE of the bags. Just one, people. Before it's all over, will I still like Legos?

It might seem like a small thing. But it's so not. It's a HUGE blessing to my little boy. He's beyond thrilled. I'll have to remember them when in the middle of the night, I step on one of the THREE BILLION Lego pieces which now live in my house. We were considering bunk beds for Adam but now I think he can just build his own. With Legos. I'm just sayin'............

On top of that, I got a BRAND NEW FREE Bookshelf. I donated three kitchen appliances to the Habitat ReStore and the guy who worked there traded me an AWESOME bookshelf. It is gonna rock in my homeschool classroom. It's GINORMOUS. I can't even show you a picture yet because it's under a tarp on my back deck. It took three guys to carry it. Did I mention it's HUGE and my house is small? I just couldn't pass it up! It is so great and it was FREE.

This IS a blessed day. What is wonderful in YOUR day? I mean, come on, there's gotta be SOMETHING.....


Berry Patch said...! As the mom of three boys who LOVE Legos I would have to say that was the deal of the century! ;-) I love what Adam said...brought a smile to my face. Enjoy those Legos - even in the middle of the night. LOL

Christy said...

That's great. No positives for my day, other than my children are sleeping. I'm grouchy and sick of this deployment. My husband's been gone for almost 11 months and we still have a few months to go. I'm DONE and I'm tired of people telling me all the politically correct junk of "you'll make it". @@ Sorry vented a little.

Glad someone had a good day.

Linda said...

we have a small container of legos...of course, they are "specialized kit" legos, meaning they are designed to be Star Wars ships...and they are TRULY annoying for me. A 5 y/o can't understand how to build them. It takes mom (because even DAD can't understand the directions) to make them...and I end up building them about 5 times a day.

But if you come across a spare clone head in all those amazing legos, let me know, will you? I KNOW it's here in the house somewhere, but can't find it, and Scotty's highly distraught about the missing head (fyi, it's about the size of a PEA)