Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tomorrow is Earth Day, ya know.....

Micaela is a relentless environment nag.
She nags me about recycling.
She nags me about turning off lights.
She is a sweet and helpful lil nag.
Much of that, she inherited from me, but when it comes to all the Earth Day mumbo-jumbo, it's leftovers from her wild & wooly public school days.

Now..before you get all in my face, I like Earth Day. It's fine to celebrate the beauty of our planet. But you must admit: some people get a lil freaky.

That being said, I examined ways in which I am already "green" and I am pleased with my list:

1. I recycle 99% of the time. Both paper and plastics.

2. I shop primarily at thrift stores.

3. I bring my oen reusable shopping bags.

4. I re-purpose my plastic bags.

5. I open my windows rather than run the AC (when I can).--I'll admit, it's a cost thing, rather than an environment thing for me--

6. I buy locally when I can.

7. I combine errands to save gas.

8. I bought energy efficient appliances for the kitchen remodeling.

9. I wash with cold water instead of hot.

10. In my work, I prefer NATURAL LIGHT over studio lighting...

11. I pay my bills online.

12. I utilize Freecycle.

13. I use my clothesline!!

14. I sometimes make my own household cleaners. Not as often as I should...

15. I give my egg cartons to a lady I know keeps chickens.

16. We use old worn out t-shirts as shop rags.

17. I re-purposed glass condiment jars for my spices.

18. I buy frozen juice instead of in the bottle juice.

19. We use powdered milk.

20. I buy in bulk.

For me personally, when I hear "eco-friendly" I think "economy-friendly" and I'll admit, most of these things that I do, I do for my pocketbook.

Now, the kids and I have been studying about the Earth for a week and instead of focusing on all of the hold hands and eat granola together tips, we learned about the POWER of the Earth. Her fury. Her growth. What she's made of...Today, we tackle the Earth's core...fun stuff, lemme tell ya.

I would post some awesome links, but my blog is moody and will not allow me to link anything. Maybe I offended it with my granola comment.....Just so you know, I don't have anything against granola, or "crunchy" people in general. I'm just saying that just like with ANY cause, people can get a lil weird when they're passionate about something. Like I am about coupons.

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