Friday, April 17, 2009

what I saved today....

My love of thrift store shopping is well-known and legendary.
If you gave me a $100 bill, I'd bet I'd spend 80% of it in a thrift store...
I love getting a bargain! I come by it naturally. It's in my DNA. My mom was, and still is, a thrift store junkie. So I learned from a Master.

Today we hit the local Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Store. It's funny because every 2-3 months, I swear that I am never going to go there and then I drift back, like a junkie. But I actually NEEDED something today. A blanket for Jonathan. He tore a hole in his. he's one of those FX kids that the hole doesn't stay small for long, he obsesses over it and tears it until it's a gaping wound. He does this on his clothing and even his own skin. It kills me to thrown away shirt with the tiniest holes. I should learn to quilt and sew a quilt out of his old t-shirts....But I digress...

We needed a blanket. And I had to go local so I didn't waste gas in we went. Found a blue blanket straight away, for only $4.00 and I thought I was going to make a quick exit. But then I saw the sign "50% womens/ladies clothing". I know that many of you will identify with this: I don't buy myself much clothing. I make sure the kids have what they need I resist buying myself stuff, especially at new prices. But half-off at a THRIFT STORE? How could I resist? Apparently, I can't.

I bought a pair of Liz Claiborne jeans (almost new, barely worn...a little dark for my taste but I am gently bleaching them, they only cost $3.00 so if I screw it up, no big loss)...and a beautiful Ann Taylor very lightweight sweater set. This wil match PERFECTLY to a skirt that I love. It still had the $65.00 price tag on it. I paid $3.00 for it.

Then I picked up a pair of Levis capri pants for $2.50 and a funky stretchy shirt for $2.50. It's WAY outside my usual tastes but I am livin' on the edge, I guess..

Plus I bought a gift for a friend. And a Pokemon toy (for 10 cents!!) and the ugliest doll that Micaela fell in love with. It was actually sweet. She says she loves it BECAUSE it's ugly. She looked at me, and scolds me, "Even ugly things need love, Mom..." (Today's lesson was on compassion....apparently I need to pay attention to my own teaching.)

We also hit the library and we're off to Martin's at 3pm when the J-man graces us with his presence. A full night, complete with Pizza & Movie Night. I am hoping to wear them out so thoroughly that they will want to go to bed at 8pm....

I can wish, can't I?

So I titled this, What I saved today. I figure I saved about $20 on the blanket alone. I priced them at Target and they cost $25.00 for a plain boring blanket! On my clothes, I figured I saved about $100. (jeans/pants would be able what, $20 each new, and the sweater set was $65.00, I figured the top would be about $15.00) Retail total: $120, I paid $11.00 for all it. Savings of $109.00. Not bad. Not bad at all...

Oh! I forgot one more thing. I bought this cute make-up bag for $1.00. I have an upcoming trip to Oklahoma and I want to pack some new make-up. The bag retails for $25.00, so I saved $24 on that one. It's soooo cute. With that, it brings my savings to $133.00.

Now that being said. I would NEVER pay $25.00 for a make-up bag. I am just not THAT fancy, but I can spend $1.00 for sure :)

What fabulous item did you buy and save $$ on lately? Share!

I also started back up on InBox Dollars again....I am going to click my way to some summer money! (I took the picture before I earned $6.00 for buying my new business cards. Paid $10.00 for them, used a $10 coupon, got them FREE AND made $6.00 for using their link...) It CAN be done. I am awake every morning after Greg leaves so I use my quiet time to click my surveys and ads, and I make a few bucks each day. It all adds up.


Berry Patch said...

I love reading these posts! I wish we had better thrift stores in our area, but I'm thinking of heading to "the big city" soon to check out their Goodwill. I heard it was excellent. Thanks for sharing your great finds!

Holly's Mom said...

I followed your referral to YouData a while back and I have made like6 or 8 dollars so far, I run out of ads and they don't refill except maybe once a week, but what is this new one your doing? InBox Dollars? Is there a referal for that, do you actually get cash? I have been doing swagbucks too, but I have only made 51 so far, which doesn't get me much yet.

So my savings this week... Laugh and learning Learning House 76$ for 20$ Laugh and learn Learning Chair 46$ for 12$ 5 baby Outfits like New, Carter's around 9.99 each for only 3$ and a JC Penny's 8X10 Free normally 9.99 plus 14.99 sitting fee.

So I spent 35$ and got a value of 197$ I think it was a pretty good day... I LOVE Love LOVE Craigslist! I am not so good at doing the garage Sales and thrift stores, though I know those deals can be even better, but Craigslist works for me!