Thursday, May 07, 2009


Dear redbox customer,

The word is out that you can take home new release DVDs for only a $1 per night from the big red box. We know you know, because you've saved that dollar as part of redbox' Free Movie Mondays promotion, which is ending after May 11.

However, since so many of us could use an extra buck these days, redbox is going to keep the free flicks coming once a month throughout the summer. Beginning June 1, redbox will send a free movie code to your phone on the first Monday of the month as a thank you for using redbox.

So start thinking about what you are going to do with those 3 extra dollars this summer – pool noodle... 6 piece McNuggets® and honey... 64 oz cherry icie... And we'll keep thinking up new ways to delight you – Hollywood's newest releases, online reservations, movie reviews, witty remarks... seriously, it's endless.


---I don't like this AT bummer. My kids KNOW that Mondays are Free Movie Day. Ugh....-----


Linda said... bummer, since I just JOINED them and now I'm losing that "privilege"....doggone it!

rennratt said...

I love the idea of the Red Box movies, but live too far from them to make them worthwhile. I'm sorry for those who use them, though. That seems like an incredible deal!

*My friend is creating a 'coupon train' and mentioned sending the expired ones to Military Bases overseas. I understand that they can be used there indefinitely? Can you provide any information/ contacts for this? We would LOVE to do this!

SB said...

Expired coupons can only be used for 6 months after expiration for overseas military. And I heard rumors they'd be discontinuing this soon.