Monday, May 25, 2009

carrying on old family traditions...

When I was growing up, my mother canned.
She canned everything.
And I mean EVERYTHING...
The joke was that if you stood still near the kitchen long enough, she'd turn you into a jelly.
I know now that my mom did it for stress relief, but at the time, she drove me batty.
I mean, come on, I was a sassy, smart-mouthed teenager (at times) and one can only respond to "Hey Suzie, come taste my kumquat-guava-mandarin-fig jam for me" so many times....

My mom LOVES to make jams and jellies (and yes, I do know the difference....)
I know NOTHING about canning, or jamming or jellying.
But I, too, am the mother of a daughter.

So, today, I continued a Both Sides Family tradition. Micaela and I made Strawberry Freezer Jam. It's a far cry from the types of jellies that my mom slaved HOURS on. This batch took 20 minutes from start to finish. We used this recipe from a fave website:

The jars look so cute and Micaela was very proud of herself. (Noticed the absence of cabinet fronts? They're being painted!!)

When I mentioned that I carried on a tradition from BOTH sides, it's because the canning funnel thingie you see here in the 2nd photo belonged to Micaela's paternal great-grandmother. Can you imagine the stories it would tell? I did the math and that funnel thingie was probably used in the Depression (when canning was a way of life and survival)....

We bought small jars so we could share the bounty. Tomorrow (or possibly Wednesday) we're baking bread and delivering it to special people we know. This whole project was pretty cheap, about $15.00. Those "cute jars" need to be cheaper. Now I will buy them at thrift stores....!!


Berry Patch said...

Yummy! I grew up with a mom who canned everything as well although not because she liked it but because we had to. We were a large but poor family & it was the only way to be able to eat. I just started doing some canning a few years ago but considering the size of the garden I planted this year, I'll probably be doing more! ;-)

fragilemom said...

Wish I knew how to do all that stuff! I can't even plant a garden without fear that I'd kill it. Okay, so I've never tried. And, I've never tried canning. Maybe one day. For now, I'll enjoy reading about yours! Sounds yummy!