Sunday, May 10, 2009

CVS jackpot

Jonathan and I scored BIG at CVS today.
It's our thing: we hit CVS and Walgreens every Sunday morning, coupons in hands, to get the "bargains". Jonathan LOVES having me all to himself, playing the music as loud as we want to....(much to the chagrin of people who drive with their windows down..)

So today, we tackled CVS. (Walgreens no longer puts a circular in my Sunday paper. What gives, Walgreens?) It was a GREAT day for bargains at CVS though!

I bought St Ives Lotion (usually too costly for my taste), Dove deodorant, Kellogg's Raisin Bran (I hate raisins but I can eat them in THAT cereal..weird, I know!), Crest White Strips, Schick Quattro razors, Colgate Wisps (they look space age, but I'll try 'em), Crest ProHealth (my fave toothpaste) and Coke 12-pks (not shown in photo)....

I used an INTERNET PRINTABLE COUPON on almost every item (the St Ives lotion was the only newspaper coupon I used)....Without my coupons and CVS card, my total was $111.82. But with careful matching and my CVS card (and a few ECB's) I paid a mere $9.27....AND got back $17.00 in future ECB's.

That's what I'm talkin' about!!

Remember that awesome Coke coupon I told you to print last week?? (I luckily printed 8 of them, now I wish I had printed like 20, but oh well..) Well, they had Coke 12-pk for 4 for $13.00. Buy 4 and get one free. So I had 4 coupons, which means after the freebie, I paid only $1.80 per 12-pk (which is good because Jonathan takes ONE pop in his linch everyday.) I should be able to make these last a long while, especially since Greg and I don't drink pop anymore :)

I would show you my reciept but my scanner is taking a cue from my blog and is MOODY. Darn technology! In my left handed column is a blogroll of very frugal ladies. I got MOST of my internet printables from sources they talk about. My key was printing the coupon even if I wasn't going to use it right away. I'm adding a new section over on the left filled with places from which you can print coupons.


Linda said...

how AWESOME! I've got 15 coke coupons, lol! I'm going to get some pop tomorrow. I tried the Wisps...I like them, but you do need water with them....or a place to spit (not recommended to use while driving down the road, lol!) LOVE your deals...hoping for mine tomorrow!

rennratt said...

I followed your advice - clipped coupons and went to CVS today. I spent a total of 15 minutes in the store, analyzing everything.

I came out with three items - which I paid $3.90 for altogether.

I also went to Lowe's Food today with the same policy. I saved almost $34 in coupons, rebates and 'card discounts'!

Thank you!