Wednesday, May 06, 2009

how I got "All You" for FREE

So, I have been haunting or stalking a few blogs lately.
It's all part of my quest to be even MORE frugal.
Utilizing other's knowledge is just smart.
Work smarter, not harder.....

So GOBS of these women have been talking about the magazine "All You" which I have seen on sale at Wal-Mart but never purchased. Apparently, it's a magazine for "the budget conscious woman". Well, THAT'S ME.

But getting a magazine subscription violates my frugal nature. The only other magazines I get are from Professional Photographer (work stuff) and Real Simple (which I love....but it was a GIFT, a great one at that!) So I don't really count those: One, I have to have and the other was given to me. So I am reluctant to COMMIT to a subscription, you know.

But then I remember: I have been racking up the SwagBucks points. (Installed their toolbar so ALL of my searches-which go through Google_ gain me points....) I was up to 600 points, which I traded in for:

*$15 iTunes gift card
*4-$5.00 gift cards
*2-$20 target gift cards

(I'll tell you more about SwagBucks in a minute....)

So I skipped over to Amazon and checked out the prices on "All You:" which listed $15.00, but when you put in your cart, it registers at $10.00!! Automatically saved $5 of my free money.

So I used two of my Amazon $5.00 gift cards and got myself a free magazine, which will be loaded with recipes AND coupons, which will further save me money! I'd say that darn frugal.

Now about SwagBucks, WHY HAVEN"T YOU JOINED??? It's a total racket. Easy money!!
it ROCKS....It's a search tool (which utilizes Goggle) but offers you Bucks for your Clicks. I figure, I'm already clicking, I should get SOMETHING for it....(and with gift cards, I get to pick MY OWN something.....)

You can save up for BIG prizes, like high dollar gift certificates, even airline miles! But me, I am simple. As soon as I get 45 Bucks, I "buy" an Amazon $5.00 card and stockpile them. There's ALWAYS something I want at Amazon.

The best way to gather points is to INVITE FRIENDS to join and you get a kickbacks from their clicks. I would love you forever if you join through MY PERSONAL REFERRAL CODE

Seriously, I'll love ya forever....or until my SwagBucks run out :)


Lindsey Ann Bledsoe said...

Thanks so much for sharing swagbucks - I used your referral code and immediately ran off to use my own referral code on some unsuspecting victims.

Makes you want to research every question you've ever thought of! Haha.

SB said...

Lindsey, I actually DO THAT. Even if I know the website, I plug it into my SwagBucks toolbar :)

THAT is how I racked up that many goodies in such a short time.

You'll love it!

Lindsey Ann Bledsoe said...

I can't seem to get the swagbucks toolbar to work through firefox, I'm going to have to do some messing around with the hardcoding.